Town of Parksley
Accomack County, Virginia
Founded 1885

"Take a Step back in Time"

"Town Web Sites"

The Town of Parksley and its citizens would greatly appreciate, while visiting our little Town, please take time to patronize our businesses. You will find the stores staff are friendly and very helpful in assisting you with any questions you should have about the Eastern Shore and our Town.

Sites Inside of Parksley

Jaxon's Old fashion 5 & 10 and Hardware

Club Car Cafe

Eastern Shore Tax Service

Dollar General

Thornton Funeral Home

Parksley Volunteer Fire Company

Eastern Shore Street Hockey League

Eastern Shore Community Service Board

John M. Bowden, Inc. Accounting and Tax Solutions

Eastern Shore Railway Museum

Sites Outside of Parksley

Royal Farms

Associated Farms

Williams Funeral Homes & Shore Crematory

Social Media

Greater Parksley Associan

American Legion, Parksley,

Town of Parksley

Parksley Voluntier Fire Department

Parksley Farmers - Artisans Markst