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A Look into the History of our little Victorian Town, "Parksley, Virginia".
Parksley, Virginia is a small Victorian community located on 160 acres formerly owned by Mr. Benjiamin Parks in Accomack County. The Town is located in the approximate geographical center of Accomack County, three miles from the Chesapeake Bay and five miles from the Atlantic Ocean.
This was written by Parksley's historians Author King Fisher and others. Author King is a lifelong resident of Parksley and was Mayor 1978 - 1982. After 75th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Tyler urged Author King to write the story of what the town was like around the turn of the century. He solicited the help from four prominent citizens of Parksley. Mr. Paul F. Watts, Mrs. Mary P. Chandler, Miss Nell Scott and Mr. N.J. Parks.
The founding fathers were know by the locals as “come here’s”, this is a local jargon distinguishing people born in Accomack or Northampton Counties from people who move from other locations off the Eastern Shore to live on the Shore. The founding fathers of Parksley were Mr. Henry R. Bennett of Dover, Delaware, Mr. Samuel T. Jones of Dover, Delaware, Mr. William C. Wilson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Miss Elizabeth Chadbourne of Boston, Massachusetts and others formed the Parksley Land Improvement Company in 1885 and which still exists today. Parksley was named for Benjamin F. Parks, from whom most of the land had been purchased. It was not the first choice. Originally Mr. Bennett had intended to call it Metompkin, but that name was already being used for a Post Office on Seaside; so at the suggestion Mr. T.H. Bayly Browne the name Parksley was adopted by Mr. Bennett.
 The Maintenance of Way Shed, commonly referred to as the “Tool Shed” was built in 1898 and was original to the Bert Killian Rail Yard.  The shed served maintenance personnel from Tasley,Virginia to the Maryland state line.  The Tool Shed was donated to the Museum in 1991.
The Crossing Guard Shanty was the work station of the crossing guards employed by the railroad prior to the invention and installation of crossing lights and gates.  The Shanty was built in 1898 and is original to the Parksley Railway Station and donated to the Museum in 1991. 
The Fulton Ayres Produce Grading Shed serves as the Gift Shop for the Museum and houses many train related artifacts. The Grading Shed, circa 1920, was donated to the Town of Parksley by Fulton J. Ayers in 1992. The building serves as the Town Offices as well as the Gift Shop.


1947 Seaboard Airlines Railroad Dining Car
Stainless steel Budd built car seats 48 dinners
1913 Class X32 Box Car
Built for the Cleveland & Pittsburg Railroad
Converted to a tool & material car in 1944
1950 Richmond,Fredericksburg & Potomac Pullman Car
Sleeping Car had 14 Roomettes & 2 Staterooms sleeping 6 each
1927 Diplomat
Built as a parlor/lounge/observation car
Served as the end car of the Wabash Cannonball
1962 Nickel Plate RR Caboose 1949 Wabash RR Caboose
1924 RF&P Railway Express Car
Houses a model train layout
Maintenance of Way Car
Savannah Atlantic RR Car built in 1900's

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